Andreas Wiesner | Athlete swimming

What is the motivation that pushes you every day to the limit?

I want to know how fast I´m able to swim. For that reason I need to improve my strength flexibility and endurance. I´m really excited to see what I´m able to and how far I can push my limit.
And that means training – every day

What goals did you set yourself?

My biggest goal are the olympic games in tokyo 2020. On my way I want to get as much experiences as possible, like competing internationaly on European and World Championchips to get the practical knowledge for the Olympic Games 2020.

What is your hope for the future?

I want to improve myself continiusly and live my life as an athlete professionell. Right now I´m able to pay all Trainingscamps, Competitions, my apartment and the College all of my own. My Sponsorships help me a lot but my parents still have to help me financially. In future I want to finish my naturopath and be an Olympian

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Andreas Wiesner

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