Geseke – Together strong for Tokyo 2020

We support Andreas Wiesner, because he is currently the only one who can represent our city Geseke at the Olympics and the Sparkasse can show how good it is for Geseke!

Sparkasse Geseke

We support Andreas Wiesner, because we have learned in 50 years of company history that you are successful with high motivation, strong assertiveness and courageous goals. Like Andreas!

And of course, because we love everything that is fast and athletic.

Autohaus Michael Auge GmbH & CoKG

We support Andreas Wiesner, because we value people with courage, discipline and determination!

Das Labor Klaus Hoffmeier Dental GmbH & Co KG


We support Andreas Wiesner, because we finally want to cheer for a Geseker at the Olympics.

Geseker Stadtverwaltung 


We are also there and wish Andreas Wiesner much success!

Provinzial-Team der Agentur Mötting from Geseke


I like to support Andreas because he is a great guy.
He is highly motivated and pursues his goal consistently and very disciplined.
At our meetings, he gives helpful tips on training and motivation methods,
Health and nutrition.

Reason enough for me to join the sponsors.

Thomas Bö


The supporters circle is growing!
On Friday, 26.01.2018 I presented the project “Geseke – Together strong for Tokyo 2020” in Störmeder der Rittergut to a group of Geseker entrepreneurs. I am very happy that there are so many people interested in the project who actively support me.

Many thanks to all who support me on my way to Olympia!

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The project

“Geseke – Together strong for Tokyo” emerged from an initiative of various Geseker entrepreneurs. With the goal of supporting me on my way to the 2020 Olympics. True to the motto, one for all, all for one, the city of Geseke and Geseker companies are committed to sending another Olympian into the race for the medals after the Olympic success of Ingrid Mickler-Becker almost 50 years ago.

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